Introduction to XKUBE.


Products are a dime a dozen but we at XKUBE love the process of finding unique brands, products and services for you.

However, how do you determine what is right for you? XKUBE blends a unique and entertaining way of testing and demonstrating the products and/or services.  We aim to provide you with an honest and transparent overview about the product or service.

We are “eating our own dog food”, so-to-speak, and if the product or service does not fit our standards, they end up in the XKUBE Disconnects pile.

Bring the Fun

At XKUBE, we like to bring a bit of fun to our process when we produce our videos, after all, we need more laughter in our lives.

“Laugh often, long and hard. Laugh until you gasp for breath.” – George Carlin. 

XKUBE is always open to suggestions and we would love to hear from you if you have a specific product or service in mind. We would also love to invite guest speakers from time-to-time.

If you enjoy our videos, you can support us by buying through XKUBE.  In the meantime, feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.

Stay safe!

Contact Us

Toll-Free: 1.866.XKUBE.CA (1.866.958.2322)

Mailing Address / Returns and RMA

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PO Box 19306 Metrotown PO
Burnaby, BC V5H 2C0

Monday to Friday
9am to 5pm PST

Closed on Canadian statutory holidays

You can contact us through our contact form.

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